VALIDUS Handgun Courses – Mastery Training Program


Course Description

If you are serious about personal protection and want to master the handgun  – this is the program for you! The VALIDUS Handgun – Mastery Training Program was developed by our founder Ron Gasper, retired U.S. Navy SEAL as a better alternative to one-and-done firearms courses being casually offered.

Real-world experience has taught Ron that it’s impossible to learn the skills needed to become proficient with a firearm in just one or two courses. So, he developed a comprehensive program with a training methodology that is process-oriented and results-driven.

Here’s how the program works and why it is so successful…

Once you complete our beginner Handgun Fundamentals Course (HFC) and Essential Shooting Skills (ESS) Course, you become eligible to join the VALIDUS Handgun – Mastery Training Program.

Validus Handgun – Mastery Training Program includes four Main Courses and up to six Retention Courses. Each Main Course is scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks apart. You will have two dates to choose from for each course. It is in these Main Courses where you will learn a “New Set” of essential shooting skills.

In addition to the Main Courses, what makes this program so successful are the many 3-Hour Retention Courses (RCs) we offer each month. RC’s help you further develop, retain, and master the skills you learn in your Main Courses.

Retention Courses (RCs) are offered up to 5 times per month on different days/times. We have found this provides our “busy members” with flexible options to attend. For best results, we recommend at least one RC between each Main Course. Or you can attend RCs as your schedule allows.

Mastery Training Program – Level 1 Main Courses:

Course 1
– Mechanics of shooting for accuracy/speed
– Critical incident holster draw
– Mastering the reload for critical incidents
– Solving malfunctions/stoppages
– Multiple target/threat engagement
– Methods to help you prevail under stress

Course 2
– Decisive decision-making shoot/no-shoot drills
– Shooting on the move with accuracy/speed
– Effective use of cover/concealment
– Strong and support hand only shooting
– Tactical reloads and scanning techniques
– Combined skills drills

Course 3
– Advanced handling and shooting mechanics
– Unconventional shooting techniques/positions
– Concealed holster draw and appendix carry
– Introduction to medium/long range shooting
– Shooting from/around vehicles and obstacles
– Combined skills scenarios

Course 4
– Introduction to conflict simulation training
– Validating shooting skills through application
– Learning to identify threats vs non-threats
– Methods and commands for de-escalation
– Establishing thresholds for proper use of force
– Realistic drills and scenarios with role players

Terms and Conditions of firearm training and membership apply. Once registered, you will receive a course syllabus, details for membership, scheduling options, and gear requirements. We are happy to answer any questions.