Executive Team Building Event: Handgun Training Experience


Course Description

Ready for more exciting corporate outings and team building events? Want to provide the ultimate experience for your organization, clients, or VIP guests? Learn to think and train like a Navy SEAL for a day.

This handgun training experience will introduce fundamental shooting techniques that make Navy SEALs elite operators. Be prepared to learn 5 essential skills you must know to master the handgun in a safe and exhilarating environment. Whether you are an experienced shooter or have never handled a gun, this will be an incredible experience and a memorable team-bonding event.

– Total time: 8 hours of instruction and training
– Total participants: Up to 10 guests

VALIDUS – Executive Team Building Events (ETE’s) offer an opportunity to learn how Navy SEAL teams excel and how that training can relate to professional success. This incredible training experience is led by the VALIDUS Chief Instructor – former U.S. Navy SEAL.

VALIDUS – Executive Team Building Events helps:

  1. Strengthen the bonds within your organization or group, fostering better relationships and collaboration.
  2. Immerse in a Navy SEAL-inspired learning process that can be directly applied to achieve success in both business and life.
  3. Stand out as a remarkable leader by providing an unforgettable experience for your employees, clients, or VIP guests.
  4. Learn shooting techniques that are used by elite Navy SEAL operators, as well as the principles that make SEAL Teams so successful.
  5. Acquire valuable knowledge and skills that will not only benefit you professionally but also help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your co-workers.

    Sponsor a VALIDUS – Executive Team Building Event (ETE) for your next corporate outing. Costs vary. Custom packages and quotes for additional guests available upon request. Additional range fees and handgun rental fees may apply.