VALIDUS – Integrated Handgun Carbine Course (IHCC)


Course Description

The Validus – Integrated Handgun Carbine Course (IHCC) focuses on teaching critical incident transitions from primary to secondary weapons systems. This 8-hour firearms course also provides instruction in advanced handling and decision-making through shooting drills designed by our Master Instructor, Ron Gasper, former U.S. Navy SEAL.

Prerequisite Training: VALIDUS Carbine Course – Level 1 and VALIDUS Handgun Courses

Instruction Includes:
– Gear Considerations (primary/secondary)
– Fundamentals Review (primary/secondary)
– Transition Technique: Primary to Secondary Weapons Systems
– Multiple Target/Mixed Distance Drills
– Quick Acquisition Shoot/No-shoot Drills
– Use of Cover/Concealment Drills
– Movement w/Transitions
– Shoot and Move Communication
– Combined Skill Drills

Required Individual Equipment:
– 200-250 rounds of ammunition (.223/5.56)
– 100-150 rounds of handgun ammunition
– Carbine/Sling with 3 magazines
– Handgun/Holster with 3 magazines
– Tactical chest rig and pistol belt
– Eye and ear protection

Course Includes: 8 hours of instruction
Course Features: Outdoor shooting range
Additional range fees apply.

A detailed gear list and directions for attending will be provided once you are registered.