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Why VALIDUS is Different.

Regardless of who we train in firearms safety and usage, we believe what makes us different – beyond our elite background, real-world experience or unique training program – is how we connect with each student, client or group on a personal level to provide the very best experience.  We identify your needs early, to help you reach your firearms training goals efficiently.  We teach in a way that recognizes each student’s unique learning style – so that no one is left behind and each student maximizes their full potential.

We strive to make each firearms training session a rewarding and enjoyable experience for you. Our professional instructors are friendly, approachable, and never intimidating. We are here to serve you.

Safety First.

You will not find a safer shooting environment than a VALIDUS run course or range. And, even though we are hyper-focused on safety and results during every training session, we still manage to have a ton of fun in the process.

Our Students.

Validus students are comprised of discerning people looking for the ultimate in personalized and professional firearms training. From law enforcement officers to the military, to everyday civilians, Validus has specialized handgun, carbine, shotgun, precision (scout) rifle and first aid training programs to meet your needs.

Our Instructors.

Lead by Master Instructor, Ron Gasper, a retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Validus firearms training personnel are comprised of a team of individuals who are industry leaders and subject matter experts within their areas of expertise. Formerly members of elite U.S. military units, law enforcement, tactical med units and emergency first responders they have been selected specifically for their experience and knowledge in the following fields: counter-terrorism, marksmanship, urban warfare, small unit tactics, physical security, personal protection, vulnerability assessments, emergency first response/medical, intelligence collection, dignitary and VIP protection, crisis management, major event planning and security, training and logistics.