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Validus Frequently Asked Questions

How is Validus different from other firearms training organizations?

Visit our About Us page to see why we are different than the rest.

Who takes your training courses?

Our students range from law enforcement officers to military units and everyday civilians. Many of our civilian students are business professionals, recreational shooters or people serious about personal defense. It is not uncommon for a new student to have never fired a gun in their lifetime, while other students are ex-military or avid hunters. Regardless of your skill level or personal objectives, Validus instructors will work with you to ensure you become proficient, safe and confident with your firearm.

Is Validus Firearms Training right for me?

At Validus, we train people who are serious about learning to shoot safely and correctly and who are looking to join a proven program to become proficient.  We keep our class sizes small to ensure safety and to maximize training value. Most of our entry-level firearms courses deliver 3-4 hours of classroom topics first. This classroom instruction addresses firearms familiarization, safe handling procedures, and the core fundamentals of shooting.

From this foundation of essential knowledge, the majority of all other firearms training involves hands-on range instruction.  On the range, we demonstrate every new skill set or drill we ask you to perform. We then coach you through each step – using our building block training methods – at a pace that is comfortable for you. The main goal of VALIDUS firearms training is to establish an incredible base of safety and fundamentals and to continuously improve your skill and performance.

If you are safety driven, results-driven, and performance-driven then VALIDUS training is for you.

What types of training does Validus provide?

Validus firearms training courses and programs primarily consist of handgun/pistol, carbine, and shotgun. Each class focuses on one type of weapons system with advanced classes integrating one or more types of firearms. Many of our courses focus on tactical and defensive firearms training for personal protection, however, our entry-level courses are focused on safety, proper gun handling, trigger pull, grip, stance, and sight alignment.

Additional training courses are offered, including gun safety, first aid, threat assessment, Ohio firearms laws, Ohio concealed carry, and more.

What course should I take and where do I go from there?

The first thing we establish is what you are looking to achieve from your training. Once we determine that VALIDUS training is right for you, we help you select which type of firearm is best for you to begin training. We specialize in handgun, carbine, and shotgun training.  Most students start training with our Handgun Fundamentals Course (HFC) and move on to the next level handgun course: Essential Shooting Skills (ESS) as part of VALIDUS Handgun Courses – Training Program.   

Regardless of which type of firearm training you pursue, or your perceived experience/skill level, all new VALIDUS students must attend our entry-level handgun, carbine, or shotgun fundamentals course first. We also offer a ladies-only course that explores threats specific to women and methods to enhance your personal safety and the overall security of your family. This ladies-only course also provides an important segment on handgun safety and proper shooting technique.

Is firearms training safe?

You won’t find a safer range and training program than a Validus program. While all firearms training has inherent risks, Validus Protection Solutions prides ourselves on our acute level of safety protocols and gun safety procedures. Every student begins training with our Handgun Fundamentals Course (HFC) Beyond CCW. This course incorporates the key pillars of safe gun handling, gun storage, and range safety. These gun safety pillars are built upon in all beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level courses. Many of our students comment on how “unsafe” public ranges are after taking a Validus course.

How do I get started?

Contact our Customer Support Team at 330-333-9877 or email: to register for a course or for more information.