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What They’re Saying About Validus

I’ve been fortunate to train with some of the best firearms trainers in the nation. Ron Gasper is one of those guys. What sets him apart is his ability to create a learning environment to match the skill set of his students. This includes the newest shooters, who want to learn basic handgun and carbine fundamentals, to highly trained SWAT/SRT teams in law enforcement. The best part is he is local to North East Ohio.

Dave M. (CEO)
Mastery Training Program - Level 3, Member

I’ve been training with Validus since 2014. I’ve taken all of the Validus courses and training programs, and I would highly recommend any of them. Validus engrains safety, builds a solid foundation of the fundamentals, and develops your skills and proficiency in all aspects of shooting and gun handling. They do this in a positive, welcoming, and professional learning environment that is conducive to any age group and individuals from all walks of life.

Trevor D. (Security | Firearms Trainer)
Elite Training Program, Member

I decided to invest in firearms training to better protect myself and my family because of increased threats in these uncertain times. I came across Validus Protection Solutions when I searched for tactical firearms training. You will not find a better program. Ron starts with nailing down the fundamentals and gradually building on them. After completing the Validus Handgun Courses - Mastery Training Program – Level 1, and several carbine courses, I finally feel confident with my firearms, situational awareness and having a preparedness mindset. Not only is Validus training extremely valuable, but it is also a great deal of fun! I am now enrolled in the Mastery Training Program, Level 2.

Bob S. (Small Business Owner)
Mastery Training Program - Level 2, Member

Before taking Validus training courses, I was hesitant to be around guns. After taking Validus Handgun Courses - Mastery Training Program – Level 1, my knowledge and confidence with safely operating my handgun increased. I went on to complete Mastery Training Programs – Level 2 and 3 and my safety, shooting confidence and tactical knowledge increased dramatically, which has increased my overall level of enjoyment with shooting. As a Validus mastery member, of all levels, I have been fortunate to meet some great people. The friendships you make at Validus are deep and lasting.

Nathan W. (Real Estate)

When I began training with Validus - four years ago, I had my concealed carry permit, but did not feel confident enough to carry a handgun. I now feel competent with my shooting skills, and more importantly, in my decision-making ability with personal protection.

Kathi B.
Elite Training Program, Member

Over the past four years I have developed the confidence to perform at highly proficient levels - all due to the elite instruction I received with Ron Gasper and Validus Protection Solutions. This “quiet confidence” has now become a permanent part of my life.

Michael L. (Chef | Business Owner)

Validus is different from other training in that Ron and his team can offer all levels of expert training. From absolute novice to professionals and beyond. If you want the best in firearms training, Validus is the right choice. With their emphasis on the fundamentals and safe operation, they will give you a great foundation to build from. And if you want to push further, become more proficient, and more skilled, Validus has the experience, expertise, and skills to take you to the next level. They are a one-stop-shop for firearms training, regardless of where your skill level is today, and where you want it to be tomorrow.

Adam S. (Business Owner)
Mastery Training Program - Level 2, Member

I first started training with Validus at an Executive Team Event – Handgun Training Experience that my employer coordinated for some of our team members. I was extremely impressed with the level of detail and safety involved in the training. The process in which Validus teaches was not only extremely helpful while learning, but I was able to incorporate some of their methods to help my team be more successful at work. I am now in my third year of training with Validus in the Mastery Training Program – Level 3. I cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed myself at each course, and the professionalism of Validus.

Anthony S.
Mastery Training Program - Level 3, Member

I met Ron through an invite to an Executive Team Event – Handgun Training Experience. The course content, and his teaching style that day helped to further develop my shooting skill, overall level of comfort while carrying concealed, and situational awareness. Following the Executive Team Event, I went on to take Validus Handgun Courses – Mastery Training Program - Levels 1 and 2. I also attended the Validus Carbine Fundamentals Course (CFC) and First Response Trauma – First Aid Course. Having been around firearms most of my life, I had never received the level of training that Ron has provided. I have recommended his courses to friends and family, and I personally look forward to continuing to train with Ron and Validus.

Sean C.
Mastery Training Program - Level 2, Member

I was invited to a Validus - Executive Team Event – Handgun Training Experience one year ago. Prior to that day I had little handgun experience. I had no idea what to expect. Ron and his team were very patient and by the end of the day I was hooked. I immediately signed up for Validus Handgun Courses – Mastery Training Program – Level 1 and completed it earlier this year. I still have a long way to go, but I have improved enough that I now have my CHL, and I am confident in safety and shooting. I owe it all to Ron Gasper and the Validus Team.

Dave H. (Business Owner)

I cannot say enough good things about Ron Gasper and Validus. My son and I are in the third year of the Mastery program. Ron places a strong emphasis on safety, and the small classes creates a very personalized experience and relationship with the instructor. Ron is personally invested in each student's progress and uses positive reinforcement to build confidence and skill. I highly recommend Ron Gasper and Validus.

Neil A.
Mastery Training Program - Level 3, Member

Ron, being a former Navy SEAL, drew me to the Validus Training Program. However, it was his skill, thoroughness, attention to detail, and safe system that has me in my third year of training. If you want to master your firearms, Validus training is the way. I've completed Validus Handgun Courses – Mastery Training Programs – Levels 1 and 2, as well as the trauma course, and several carbine courses. The greatest compliment I can pay to Validus, and Ron, is my excitement in having my wife join the mastery program this year. I would trust no other instructor, or system, to teach her how to properly and safely use a firearm to protect herself in a potential emergency.

Eric G.
Mastery Training Program - Level 3, Member

Ron is one of those rare combinations of competency and humility. I have loved training with him for the last couple years – embracing every chance I get, and recommending my closest friends do the same. What a unique opportunity! If self-defense tactics are a passion for you, why not train with the best, a retired Navy SEAL!

Kevin B. (Executive)
Mastery Training Program - Level 3, Member

Validus Protection Solutions has completely changed the way I approach the carry, concealment, and use of my firearm. Under Ron, and the Validus program, I am learning to use a specific tool in a particular application, making me safer, more efficient, more dynamic, and ultimately more proficient with that tool than I ever could have achieved left to my own devices.

Dan O.

I was so impressed with Validus training my first year, that I encouraged my wife to sign-up for their Handgun Fundamentals Course. She invited several of her friends, and they all learned a lot, and had a great time.

Nate W.
Elite Training Program, Member