Tactical Handgun Instructor Course (THIC)


Course Description

This two-day course is designed for current or prospective law enforcement instructors who want to take their shooting skills and department training programs to the next level. The course will be led by Validus Chief Instructor and former Navy SEAL, Ron Gasper who has extensive experience in firearms training and instruction.

The course provides a comprehensive and practical approach to handgun training and will help students improve their handgun shooting skills, manipulations, speed, accuracy, and decision-making. The course will also teach students how to instruct safely and effectively in handgun fundamentals and better run live fire evolutions or qualification courses.

Instruction Includes:
– Mechanics of shooting for accuracy/speed
– Mastering the holster draw and reloads
– Solving malfunctions/stoppages
– Strong and support hand only shooting
– Multiple target/mixed distance drills
– Advanced handling/shooting techniques
– Methods to help manage stress
Teaching the fundamentals effectively
Coaching techniques & skill building drills
– Running a safe and effective range

This course is open to law enforcement officers of all levels, from Patrol Officer to SWAT Operator, and current or prospective instructors/trainers. 

Deliverables: The course will include class and range lectures, dry and live fire shooting and teaching instruction, performance standard drills, student-led instruction and coaching, a student-led live fire evolution, and a risk analysis tool for running a safe range. A course syllabus will be provided once the student is registered. A student guide will be provided at the course. A certificate of completion will be mailed to the student upon successful completion of the course.

Required Gear: Students should bring their service handgun/pistol and duty belt with a holster, magazine carrier, and four magazines. Students should also bring a minimum of 500 rounds of ammunition. Additional recommended items and details for attending will be provided once the student is registered.

Registration: To sign up for this course or for more information, please contact us.